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Receiving and Inspection

At Plush, we are aware that Interior Designers order various items from multiple manufacturers and many times those items are shipped by freight companies and cannot be delivered directly to the client. Additionally, if multiple heavy, bulky items are being received you may need assistance with the heavy lifting and additional space to store these items until your client is ready for delivery. We take care to wrap items, categorize them, and keep a detailed inventory of all items you have with us.

• Receiving furniture, lighting, or artwork items from freight companies
• Local, domestic and international receiving
• Systematic and in-depth inspections of every item received
to ensure there are no damages
• Loading docks that accommodate any size truck
• 24-hour interior and exterior video surveillance and alarm systems
• Assembling furniture items

We have the capacity to receive a wide range of products and will immediately inspect the products to ensure they arrive in perfect condition. Plush is also available to assist with assemblies and store the items safely in our warehouse if the client isn’t ready to receive the items. Allow us to be part of your team and experience the difference.