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A leader in white glove furniture installation, delivery and storage, we partner with companies large and small to accommodate any needs.  From a single piece of art or piano to a complete home renovation or a multi-story redecorating project, Plush is the ultimate choice of all interior designers. We treat all furnishings as if they were irreplaceable and take the utmost care in your belonging’s journey from receiving and inspection, to storage, delivery and final installation.

At Plush, we know the basis of an outstanding experience starts at the human level. Our people are enthusiastic, intelligent and highly trained to handle any job they are faced with. We only employ responsible and courteous individuals who will treat you and your belongings with the respect that is deserved. We are committed to providing you with a remarkable experience from the moment we receive your request to the completion of the installation.

Our ongoing drive to provide you with highest level of service and we look forward to providing you with an impeccable white glove delivery, installation and storage experience.