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Luxury Installation

Plush luxury installation provides the highest level of quality, capacity, and proficiency for every relocation we facilitate. Our staff is inspired daily to provide the most professional, luxurious and all-inclusive experience available for each of our valued clients.

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Premium Storage

There are endless reasons to store your household and commercial belongings with Plush Delicate Installation. Whether you are an Interior Designer that needs storage for your firm’s furniture, downsizing or simply consolidating households, we have you covered.

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Inventory Management

At Plush our commitment to quality and service ensure our clients are happy. With years of experiences and continuing research, our team is ready to serve your interior design needs. We’re happy to make you feel more comfortable on your home.

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Interior Design Installation

Arizona is home to several renowned designers, dozens of luxurious locations and some of the wealthiest zip codes in the United States. Plush is prepared to offer the most comprehensive interior design installation services on the market to accommodate your need.

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The Plush Delicate Installation Difference

The Plush Delicate Installation Difference

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Specialized Installation Services

  • Piano
  • Fine Arts
  • Media
  • Oversized

Whether you want to relocate a family heirloom or a brand new Baby Grand, Plush possesses the moving expertise for all kinds of pianos. With the average piano weighing 1,500 pounds and being awkwardly shaped, a trained crew that is technically equipped is essential. We understand that each piano is an individual work of art, which is why we strive to move your piano to the targeted area securely and safely under every condition.

Installing antiques, collectables and fine art isn’t the same as unpacking boxes. You need a specialist willing to take the time and the care necessary to valuables arrive undamaged. Our Plush luxury installers are dedicated to our customers and professionally trained in transporting and installation of fine art and antiques. We provide custom crating and packing services for the ultimate protection of these items.

Modern technology has brought us some pretty amazing razor thin HDTV’s and top notch entertainment equipment, but when they must be relocated they need extra special attention. Our expert team will execute a flawless transition with the ability to set up your electronics in your new location.

When you have large, heavy, awkward items to move, it is best to hire Plush to get your valuable items where they need to be in pristine condition. Often, pieces such as a pool table or large chandelier require delicate handling as well as knowledge of how to install the item at its final destination. While this task is daunting to many homeowners, the professionals at Plush move oversized items daily and can assist you with ease and experience. Our installers will wrap and secure items, pad the area through which your item will travel, and make sure it is delivered and installed with care.

Interior Designers

At Plush, we know that Interior Designers have an authentic understanding for organization and space, a sense of ingenuity and intuition when it comes to constructing beautiful places. At Plush we appreciate the nature of your business and understand the relationships you must maintain with your clients and manufacturers alike.   Plush is an Interior Designer’s one stop solution for all receiving, inspection, assembly, storage and delivery needs.

The Expertise You Deserve

Whether you’re relocating a residence or a design studio, a priceless work of art or a family heirloom, you can trust Plush to accommodate your needs with precision. We’re the industry’s premier installation, storage and delivery service, with years of expertise in storage, relocation, handling, and repair. We take pride in coordinating every detail so that you are comfortable and stress-free. Contact us today and see how we can help you.